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Find Me

Some where in your life, you find a young man with his red carrier... Maybe he's me.

Some time in your life, you see a young man sit freely on roadside... Maybe he's me.

Some when in your life, you meet a young man wear a pants above his ankle... Maybe he's me.

Some more in your life, you look a snaggle tooth in a smile...Maybe it's me.

Some day...

I hope Allah give us a short time to speak each other. Telling a little story about our journey of life.

With a cup of warm caffeine at dinning table.

Some day...

Find me.

Surya Kencana 2750 mdpl


Name :
Fredy Setiawan

Alias :
Fredy | Predi (Java ver.) | Predot | Nyoman | Batu | 'Kemp | Kampret | O'om
First response when some people hear my name,
"Wuihh...Freddy Mercury" (that's not me).

Hometown :
Magetan, East Java, Indonesia, 63391

Living Town :
Karawang, West Java, Indonesia, 41371

Activities :
reading | writing | blogging | working | 
hiking, trekking and ecotours |

Love :
14 | purple | sunset | buku | hujan |
cantigi dan edelweis | sejarah-menyejarah

More Love and Passions :
Children and their simply laugh | My Little Family and Farm | 
Educating, Motivating and Inspiring | 

Social Activity | Volunteer @KelasInspirasi, @KI_Magetan@KI_Karawang@festivalGIM@AkuBerdonasi & Pejuang Sosial |

Pecinta Alam with @Mapatra_PMA |
Tanah yang kupijak adalah 'rumah' | Indonesia in all

Expertise :
I haven't any special thing to be someone who highly-skilled,
I'm just ''generalist".

Dreams :
Overseas (Mecca-Madina-Syam | Constantine | Premier League | Blossom Sakura)
Butik Batik
Guru SD dan Taman Baca
Have My Own Writing Book
Travel Organizing

Life :
Al-jabr Logics >> [ Life = 1x + c ]

Description :
Seorang laki-laki yang dulunya terjerumus oleh kekakuan pikirannya.
Hingga akhirnya disadarkan hanya dengan satu hal sederhana, judul buku.

Seorang muda muslim yang sedang mencari  telah menemukan cintanya (ups).
Dalam perbendahraannya, cinta adalah kata kerja bukan objek.
Jadi cinta adalah mempersiapkan diri untuk menyempurnakan separuh agamanya.

Seorang pecinta alam yang senang tidur bebas di rumput ilalang.
Damainya ketika melihat cantigi di pucuknya dan horizon kuning di ufuk-ufuknya.



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